What is custom clubfitting? (click on photos to see larger image)

Custom fitting is a process of taking physical measurements for each golfer, plus measuring the vital aspects of the golfer's swing. By using a hi-tech swing analyzer and launch monitor, data can be collected regarding swing speed, angle of attack, tempo, swing path, face angle, and other elements of the golf swing to determine proper finished club specifications.

Your clubs are fit for you just as a tailor would custom fit a suit. When you pull a suit off the rack, that suit was made to some set of “average” specifications. It is unlikely it will fit you well. Same thing for golf clubs. Unless they’re made for you, they really don’t fit you. They aren’t “your clubs.”


Playing with clubs that are made to specifications exactly tuned to your body and your swing dramatically increases your chances of improving your scores and enjoying the game.

If you really want to get better at your game and enjoy it more, you should seriously consider getting custom golf clubs.

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Want to know more about custom fitting? Click HERE to see a video about the process.